Thursday, October 13, 2016

Saving Money On Medical Care

As we all know the prices are going up but we are still making the same amount of money as we were years ago.

Things have became so tight that some of us are taking on more than one job to make ends meet and live a nice but not rich life.

I do like getting the good things in life so I look for ways to save here and there and never settle for less than the nest on most things. Even  on medical care.

I do get my flu shot each year and that saves tons of money because I am not sitting in the E.R. because I have a fever of 103° and I cannot breathe, then the prescription medication I have to buy, the over the counter medication I bought and I tried before heading to the hospital....... and last losing time at work = Money not coming in.

Today was Clinic day at the health department - Flu Shots without the wait of making appointments. 

Now how did I save money by getting this shot at the health department? 

They only charge $5.00! So I saved $45.00!!!!


I go to the city/ county health care clinic because its cheaper than other doctors and based on your income so its a charge of $25.00 to be seen by the doctor, BUT they also charge $25.00 for the flu shot so I would be paying $50.00 and all I needed was the flu shot.

By using the clinic day at the health department I did not have to sit in a waiting room filled with sick people for hours either, and sure enough you know I could have caught something.

I saved time and money and used my head at prevention.

While I was there I also brought the person I take care of so he could get the flu shot and avoid the doctors office and sick people as he has enough breathing problems as it is.

So before you leave the house to go get the flu shot at the doctors office, make a few calls and you`ll be surprised at how much money you will save.

Want to see how I saved $75 for $105 worth of food and stuff? Click here:

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry

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