Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saving Half - Better Than Full Price

 Saving Half - Better Than Full Price

Today is the last day of this sale, But you still have time to take advantage of the savings.

Since Walgreens stopped the register reward program ( they offer them on occasion) and put in the points system I do not shop there much, unless its something dirt cheap or free with coupons.

Since I was on my last bottle of " free" ( no smell- no dye) washing liquid and the sale is on for All AND I had a $1.00 off one manufacturer coupon I took advantage of the extra savings. Plus  I had a rain check for Lindsay olives for .99 each and I wanted to get the allowed amount of four.

And I grabbed Angel Soft Toilet paper, who ever has enough? Its on sale and there is a store coupon AND a  manufacturer coupon I can stack.

Here is the deal and amounts and coupons to use :

Transaction #1 -

4 - All - 26 loads - $6.49 each - on sale for $2.99 each - Use  $1.00 off one manufacturer coupon and pay $1.99 each plus tax.

4 - Lindsay black olives . 99 

Total before sale and coupons was $33.51 
I paid 11.92
Tax 1.59

Saving $20 saving 60%

Transaction #2 because I forgot the coupons in the car.

4 -Angel soft toilet paper- 9 big rolls - on sale $3.79 each - Used .45 manufacturer coupon AND .50 store coupon, paying $2.84 each.

Total before coupons and sale was $16.68
I paid $11.36
Tax 1.52

saving $3.80 - 25%

Walgreens daily total:

Before sales and coupons $50.19
After coupons and sales I paid $26.31 Not to bad! Better than full price and cheaper still than shopping at Walmart. 

Saving $23.80

Do you save using coupons or just shopping the sales?

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Another great savings day - good for you!

  2. this is another good one. these days coupons are hard to come buy.

    1. Good coupons, yes! Coupons for things I do not or use, everywhere!