Sunday, July 17, 2016

Walmart discontinues Price Matching

After working all day Saturday I went out to dinner and while in town I went shopping for a few things. Walmart being the last place I stopped to pick up a few things.

First stop was Dollar General because it was $5 off $25 Saturday and I needed to get a few things for the house that I did not have coupons for. I am home canning a lot more this year so I am making sure I have canning jars to get the job done, any savings is a blessing and $5.00 is a good coupon.

First transaction :

Golden Harvest Canning jars - One Pint and two Half pint home canning jars- $7.95 

Golden Harvest jar seals - $1.75

Used $5.00 off $25.00 store coupon

Total before coupons was - $28.20

I paid $22.66

(Note : The store coupon is before tax so they also adjust down after the coupon has been applied)

I had intentions of buying three of the 12 packs of Diet Pepsi for $10 but they were out so I had to redo the game plan, right there in the store. With this transaction being mostly for Tony I searched out things he needed.

Second transaction :

1 - Angel soft toilet paper- 12 double rolls $5.00 on sale $4.75 - Used $1.00 manufacturer coupon

1- Dollar General brand paper plates - $4.00

2 - Hunts ketchup - $1.00 each

1 - Miracle grow plant food - $5.50

5 - Spray Paint - $1.25 each

3 - Low dose aspirin - $1.00 each

Used $5.00 off $25.00 store coupon and $1.00 mft. coupon for angel soft toilet paper.

Total before coupons was - $28.05

I paid $21.55

(Note : The store coupon is before tax so they also adjust down after the coupon has been applied)

Saved $11.00 at Dollar General.

Next was to Walmart, Tony wanted a new SD card for one of his gadgets and I wanted a bag of flour. But since I did not get the Diet Pepsi at Dollar General I planned to price match, or ad match, and I was told " we do not price match/ ad match anymore, we have savings catcher, if its cheaper anywhere else we will pay it back to you." 

I put the three 12 packs of diet Pepsi that cost $4.75 each up on the counter and asked for them to be removed.

This kid gave me a weird look and I said " I do not have nearly $15.00 to spend on each of these so I will just go to a Dollar General and buy them, because I do have $10 to spend on them."

I know many people that do use the savings catcher but I do not buy  much at Walmart, and there are many times I do not have $15.68 to spend and then I have to wait to be repaid and then I have to spend that money at Walmart. I use coupons on an extreme level to buy food items and I can say that the better stores, more expensive and cleaner, have better deals than Walmart on food with buy one get one free sales and they double coupons.

The soft drinks are always on sale each week at CVS, Walgreens, Rite-aid, Target, Publix, Winn Dixie and Dollar General ( lets face it, a Dollar General is every five miles!) there is no need for me to wait on Walmart to gift card the money back, I will just know not to shop at Walmart as far as price matching when it IS cheaper to just stop at the other stores that are not out of the way to visit, Plus I still have my cash in my pocket to spend wherever I want to spend it.

I have to give a hand to Walmarts staff for coming up with this idea of getting paid back with Walmart gift cards. Why? So they can continue to take your money and the other stores get less business. 


Then, there are people like me who prefer to get cheaper prices right now with what cash I have in my wallet.

By Andria Perry
Photo by Andria Perry


  1. You did good. I use coupons all the time. They are hard to come by around here anymore. Unless you have a smartphone and that is something I can't afford.

  2. I don't have a smartphone either, I do print from the home computer and I get the mft. in the news paper. I know you can buy them from a clipping service, you just pay for their labor, not the actual coupons.

  3. Good deal for Walmart but not the shopper , I'll pass on the savings catcher.

  4. I purchase at Wal Mart because for one thing it is the best deal in my town. I don't use coupons at all, don't have time to deal with them. But they don't beneift much here anyhow when the prices are so high at the other stores even without Savings Catcher

    1. See that is what I mean too, if small town America can`t benefit why would it help anywhere else, except for their pocket.

  5. Coupons are not easy to get around here either. There were restaurant coupons you could use with your phone but they were being abused so many won't honor them.

    1. I have never used the phone coupons cause I have a dumb phone :) But it is sad.